why a good cover for your ebook is important ?

How to Choose a Good Cover for Your Ebook

An ebook cover is an important marketing tool. It can attract attention from readers and get them to buy your book. But how do you choose a cover? First, you have to know which elements are most important. Your title, for instance, should be set in the largest type. Next, you must think about the font, size, and imagery.

Imagery helps sell your ebook

Using descriptive images on your eBook’s cover is an excellent way to catch the attention of readers. These can be photographs, geometric shapes, or interesting plays on colors. It’s important to choose an image that evokes the theme and spirit of your book. For instance, if you’re writing a memoir about a trip to Yosemite, a photograph of Death’s tent with Half Dome in the background might be a great way to capture the reader’s attention.

Choosing a font

Choosing a font for your ebook cover is an important step in the design process. The font on your cover should be legible and appropriate for the genre and style of the book. The right font can also be a great way to emphasize the message in your book. Unfortunately, it is easy to go wrong and choose a font that doesn’t fit. Fortunately, there are some tips you can follow to help you choose a font that works best for your ebook cover.

First of all, choose a font that you’re comfortable with. There are literally thousands of fonts available for you to choose from. Try to stick with fonts that are readable even in smaller sizes. If you’re unsure, you can search Google for different fonts.


Whether you’re planning to publish your own ebook or just want to add a cover to an existing one, you need to understand the size of a good eBook cover. Different ebook vendors have different specifications, but generally, you’ll need to make the cover at least half as large as the book itself. Most ebook cover templates are designed to meet all the requirements of different ebook marketplaces, and they go over the most commonly recommended dimensions.

The ideal size of an ebook cover is around 2,560 x 1,600 pixels. However, this size is not mandatory, and the size can be adjusted later if necessary. Most electronic book readers are black and white, so it is important that the cover is easily recognizable and memorable in this format.


A good ebook cover design should follow a specific ratio of width to height. This ratio varies according to the market, but in general, a cover should be at least 1,000 px wide. However, some markets require a more rigid ratio. For instance, Amazon allows authors to submit different widths, as long as one side is at least 1000 px wide.

The aspect ratio of a good eBook cover is important because it keeps the cover art intact. It is also important to follow the specifications set by the ebook distributors, including size and resolution. For example, if an eBook is published on Amazon, the aspect ratio of the cover image should be 1.6:1, a ratio of 1:5. This ratio helps keep the look and feel of the cover art in tact.

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