How to Create a Good Looking Instagram Feed

How to Create a Good Looking Instagram Feed

In order to make your Instagram feed look beautiful, you have to create a theme. One good way to do this is to make sure your images are high-quality. Instagram is very visually driven, so you need to pay attention to your images. Using a grid layout and color schemes are also great ways to create a visual theme.

Creating a cohesive visual theme for your instagram feed

One way to make your Instagram feed look more polished is to follow a cohesive visual theme. This means using consistent colors and visual themes across your photos. For example, if you post photos in purple, it will appear jarring when you look at them separately. In addition, avoiding flash or darker lighting can help your photos retain a consistent aesthetic. Having a consistent visual theme across your feed will give your photos a more cohesive story.

Using borders on your images can also give your Instagram feed a consistent look. You can choose a border that matches the overall colour scheme of your account. A black border can also make the photos stand out more. Similarly, don’t be afraid to mix and match different frames. If you use black borders, you will have a more upscale visual theme, which is important if your Instagram is intended for a more edgy brand.

Using a color chart

When creating an Instagram feed, the color scheme should reflect your brand or personality. If you want to attract followers, people will be drawn to a cohesive aesthetic. Colors appeal to the human eye and the psyche. This is why advertisers have long used color to convey a message. Instagram is no different.

Color blocking works particularly well for brands that promote art, confections, or lifestyle brands. You can use specific colors that complement your brand and create a vibrant experience. You can plan out your Instagram feed in advance using apps like Later. By using these apps, you can make your feed look good and attract followers.

Color wheel tools are helpful when creating a brand’s Instagram aesthetic. They allow you to browse thousands of possible combinations and make the necessary adjustments. If you want to stay true to your brand identity, use a color chart tool such as Adobe Color to help you create a cohesive look for your Instagram feed. You can create a monochromatic feed using the color wheel, or choose a color scheme with complementary color variants.

Using a grid layout

To create a good looking Instagram feed, you need to know how to use a grid layout. Instagram uses a grid view, where you only see three tiles at a time. This layout also requires you to have a sense of color contrast. The colors you choose should be similar, but not too similar.

When choosing a grid layout, remember that you can have multiple columns, and the center line of each row can be reserved for a photo. For instance, if you want to display only photos, you could use a two-column grid with two lines of text on each side and one column of pictures in the middle. Another option is to create a border grid, which will help your Instagram feed stand out. It helps create consistency by separating different content types.

When choosing a grid layout, make sure that it reflects your brand’s personality and aesthetic. Try using quotes to create a buffer between the photos. Using similar colors and filters will also help you create a cohesive grid. For example, if your brand’s color is blue, try using a blue filter.

Adding a pop of color

If you want your Instagram feed to stand out, try adding a pop of color. It’s not necessary to stick with one color, but using several shades can help keep your feed consistent while still giving it room to breathe. Try incorporating orange tones in your photos. You can add these colors to your photos by editing them with filters. You can also find orange items around you and use them to enhance your photos.

Another way to add color to your Instagram feed is by changing the photos’ aspect ratio. Instagram is generally set up in squares, but if you want to make your feed look more elegant and sophisticated, you can switch the aspect ratio of your photos.

Keeping your feed clean

One of the most important aspects of keeping your Instagram feed clean is to delete old, irrelevant posts. They not only take up space but also dilute your brand’s message and aesthetic. You should clean up your feed regularly to avoid clutter and keep it visually appealing. No one wants to see two-year-old posts, so make sure your pictures and captions are fresh and relevant.

When you’re posting on Instagram, keep the following to followers ratio to one. This is because a one-to-one ratio is more appealing to other users. You should also go through your list of followers and unfollow those who no longer interest you.

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